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So Pedrioa is the AL MVP. I'm not suprised. The guy had a great season. Plus he's a member of Red Sox Nation. That helped him get several votes right there. We all know how in love the sports media is with players from New York and Boston. I probably would have went with Morneau or Mauer because without them their team had no chance of winning. Thats what an MVP is to me. I'm not knocking Pedroia at all. He's a great player and he's exciting to watch. Congrats Dustin. You had one hell of a season.

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The Dodgers

With my first official blog I thought I'd rant about my passion. The Los Angeles Dodgers. I've been a fan of this great historic franchise for 23 years. So for 20 of those years I've been disapointed when the leaves start to turn and fall arives. The frustration of watching some of my friends teams win and rub it into my face is unbearable sometimes. Every year after the world series ends I proudly tell everyone who will listen how next year is the year they win it all. This offseason they'll sign the pithcer or big bat they need to push them over the top and make them an unstoppable force. I know what your thinking. 2009 is their season right? Damn right it is. I'll never waiver. So as the offseason comes into full swing here are a few thoughts I have on the team.

First we all need to realize Manny is gone. We all fell in love with him in his short stay in L.A. but he's going to go to the highest bidder and that just isn't going to be the Dodgers. Look for him to land with the Yankees or some east coast American League team trying to keep up with them.

Along with Manny several players we've gotten used to are going to be gone also. The two that are going to be missed the most are Derek Lowe and Rafeal Furcal. To be honest I have no idea how they are going to replaced or if they can. Lowe has been a great innings eater and has brought stability to the rotation. Look for him to also follow Manny to the American League East. Furcal is going to go too. No chance of him coming back. I have no idea where he's going to be playing next year but he's going to want way too much. Now the good news. Several players are leaving us that will only help the team. I hate to say this but Nomar is one of them. I love Nomar as much as the rest of you but the guy needs to retire. He's more fragile than a 90 year old woman who never drank a glass of milk. To sign him to anything more than a minor league deal is a waste of money because he's going to miss 30% of the season at best with some kind of injury. I say bring him back as a coach in the minors and let him work his way up to the majors. Next there is the fat okie Brad Penny. He's been a great first half pitcher every year except 2008 in Los Angeles but lets face it. He can't go more than 5 innings usually and thinks he's way better than he actually is. His biggest accomplishment was hooking up with Allysa Milano and from what I hear thats not hard for a Dodger to do (half the team has). Finally the player I'm glad to see on his way out and hope the door hits him in the ass on his way out is Jeff Kent. Lets face it, the guy is a jerk. I'll never forgive him for what he said about Vin Scully. A man of honor who has earned the respect of Dodger fans for decades. Kent should go back to San Francisco where he belongs. We don't need his fake Texas accent (he's from the L.A. area) here anymore. Others making my can't wait for you to leave list: Mark Sweeny, Gary Bennett, Pablo Ozuna (what was Colletti thinking?) and Jason Johnson.

Now the hardest thing for the Dodgers to do. GET RID OF Andruw Jones!!!! Call every GM in the league and a few in Japan and Korea and see if anyone will give you a bucket of balls for this guy. I don't know if he was on HGH or roids and quit and can't play anymore or what, but he just plain sucks now. It's time for him to leave. I especially hate how after he strikes out he's got that stupid grin on his face like he meant to do it. If he actually could read I'd love for that idiot to read this. WE HATE YOU JONES......YOU SUCK!!!!!

I know we've all heard this before but the one thing the Dodgers must NOT do is trade away their young talent. There is a young core on the team that needs to be locked up for years to come and be allowed to win. Martin, Loney, Kemp, Ethier, Billingsley, Broxton, Wade, know the names.

Check future blogs to see who I think the Dodgers should pursue in the free agent market this winter.

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